At Strong Fence we have allot to offer. We are not just limited to building fences, we also specialize in landscaping, Decks, Retaining walls, Shade arbors, Gazebos, Sod laying, tree removal, stump removal, and much more.


Our Decks are built just like our fences, with quality materials and design that are built to last. We screw down all of our deck boards with coated screws so you dont have to worry about popped boards or rusty nails giving way overtime. We use treated lumber that can be stained or sealed to protect against weather and the rough climate.


At strong fence we can turn your yard into a beautiful landscape that can ultimately raise the value of your property. Whether we are making additions to your present landscape or copletely redesigning it, you can count on Strong Fence to successfully create the look you’ll love. We also offer general clean up, so if you have some property you need cleared or some debris you need up we can take care of that for you too.


Sod Laying

If you need grass in your yard give us a call! We offer the lowest rates in town, and can give you a yard to be proud of.  We have many types of grass to choose from bermuda, fescue, zoysia, St. Augustine, and more.